200-crown silver coin Alfons Mucha proof

Medal detail Medal description
Coin code coin_number:21003-721
Value:1 pc
Coin type:silver
Group code:Medals
Material:Ag 900 / 1000
Diameter:31 mm
Thickness:0 mm
Weight:13 g
Edge:plain label
Circulation:0 ks
Minted:0 ks
Author:akad. soch. Ivan Řehák
Engraving adjustments:Unknown author
200-crown silver coin Alfons Mucha proof
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200-crown silver coin Alfons Mucha proof 200-crown silver coin Alfons Mucha proof
200-crown silver coin Alfons Mucha proof The coin was issued to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Alfons Mucha. The 200-crown piece is minted from an alloy containing 900 parts silver and 100 parts copper in proof quality. The field of the coin is highly polished and the relief is matte, the edge is plain with the inscription “ČESKÁ NÁRODNÍ BANKA * Ag 0.900 * 13g *”.The obverse side of the coin features a transcription of Alfons Mucha’s decorative painted panel “Music” from “The Arts” cycle. The name of the state in Czech “ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA” is inscribed around the left rim and below is the denomination and the abbreviated unit of Czech currency “200 Kč”. The mintmark of the Czech Mint is on the right.The reverse side depicts a portrait of Alfons Mucha against a background of Art Nouveau decor. On the right are the anniversary dates “1860 ? 2010” and the inscription “ALFONS MUCHA”, and on the left are letters “IŘ”, the initials of the coin’s designer, sculptor Ivan Řehák.Each coin comes complete with a postcard-sized catalogue card made of light-orange semi-carton. It features the coin in silver colour, its relief being dry-stamped. The coin description is in Czech and English. The card is identical for both standard and proof coins.Limited edition of 15,900 pieces.
Karta mince 200-crown silver coin Alfons Mucha proof
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