Medal detail Medal description
Coin code coin_number:31145-611
Value:1 pc
Coin type:gold
Group code:Medals
Material:Au 999.9 / 1000
Diameter:22 mm
Thickness:0 mm
Weight:7.78 g
Circulation:500 ks
Minted:500 ks
Author:sculptor Zbyněk Fojtů
Engraving adjustments:Unknown author
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A romantic dominant of the Lednice castle park, and the entire breathtaking Lednice-Valtice area - it is the Lednický minaret, a look-out tower, which newly livens up the new series of gold commemorative medals named Look-out towers of the Czech Mint. About the origin of the minaret, there are numerous myths and beliefs. In one of them, a prince and a well-known patron of the arts Alois Josef I of Liechtenstein, wanted to build a church in the Lednice park, which the peasants did not allow, because they disagreed on the spot where it should stand. The Aristocrat out of spite therefore decided to build a mosque with a minaret. But the subgrade of the area did not favor this original idea and so it ended up as only the look-out tower. A little less spicy is the assumption of the historians - the Islamic minaret only complement the original buildings in the area, which at the time were the Chinese palaces, the Roman obelisk, the Turkish baths and the Swiss bridge. A popular look-out tower was designed by the court architect of Alois Josef I. Josef Hardtmuth, who incidentally enrolled into the history with the invention of the pencil. In 1797 a giant base pit was dug, into which were knocked an impressive numbers of a wooden piles, timbers and beams. That was the only way to secure the stability of the grandiose construction in a hostile swampy terrain. The center of the building consists of almost 60 meters high tower, to whose top gallery leads 302 steps. the look-out tower offers a three roofed galleries, from where you can admire the beauty of the surrounding park, Pálava, the White Carpathians and during a good visibility also the peak of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. An academic sculptor Zbyněk Fojtů conceived the theme of the Lednice minaret for the new mintage with a great dignity. His sense of composition and at the same time attention to detail is evident from both sides of the gold medal. On the obverse excels the majestic look-out tower in all its magnificence, surrounded by the arabesques, inspired by the decor of the halls of the building. The tableau complements an inscription LOOK-OUT TOWER LEDNICKÝ MINARET 175 m n. m. The reverse bears a gracefully processed view of the spiral staircase. Along the perimeter is then a lists of places, that can be seen from the top of the look-out tower, along with the number of steps that lead to it. The precise design and an interesting investment potential will surely not let you hesitate and the gold medal weighing quarter troy ounce will soon liven up your cherished collectible collections!
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