Medal detail Medal description
Coin code coin_number:31061-721
Value:1 pc
Coin type:silver
Group code:Medals
Material:Ag 999 / 1000
Diameter:50 mm
Thickness:0 mm
Weight:42 g
Edge:plain label
Circulation:400 ks
Minted:400 ks
Engraving adjustments:Unknown author
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Spiritual legacy of former president Václav Havel remains current even after his death, and his generous desire to restore the St. Anne´s Church for the Prague Crossroads project is now in our hands. The Czech Mint prepared in cooperation with the Foundation of Dagmar and Václav Havel VIZE 97, a unique series of medals Art for Václav Havel. In this extraordinary collection several Czech artists will present their works of art, which thus support the noble idea of Václav Havel, and proceeds from the sale of non-traditional mintagewill go towards the realizationof Mr. president`s dream. Kurt Gebauer recently dedicated his original medal to this mission. Intoxicating, almost fascinating work of Kurt Gebauer can combine criticism of important social issues with playfulness and insouciance; philosophical considerations with animal pleasure. Gebauer describes his work as "settling the space", especially the public space. And the public space he presonally settles on the ground and in the air, whether with his famous Dwarfs, Swimmers or the Flier, which symbolize our desire and determination to break free from theconstraining reality and take off by means of our own thoughts. Kurt Gebauer considers the natural state of affairs as a "whimp", and the human´s responsibility is to combat it and improve his vicinity in order to transform it into a place to live. Gebauer does not like the word art because of the deficiency in the interpretation of corresponding Czech word, but the concept of culture he defined clearly: "The painstaking work to create a decent place to live, it is culture." One of the characteristic Gebauer´s motifs, dwarf, dominates also the reverse of the original medal, and thus embodies certain life`s irony of small and large values. The scene is completed with all-encompasing text, NO TREE GROWS TO THE SKY. The obverse side made room for a tasteful composition of hearts, the symbol which Václav Havel used to add to his signature, and also for a part of his quote AND LOVE WILL WIN ... A real numismatic unique object made of sterling silver, will not only decorate your collection, but will also save an architectural gem that can serve many generations as a space for mutual sharing. The edition is limited to just 400 pieces, hurry up and contribute to a beautiful thing!
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