Medal detail Medal description
Coin code coin_number:31005-631
Value:1 pc
Coin type:gold
Group code:Medals
Material:Au 999,9 / 1000
Diameter:28 mm
Thickness:0 mm
Weight:15.56 g
Edge:plain number
Circulation:99 ks
Minted:99 ks
Author:Luboš Charvát
Engraving adjustments:Unknown author
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Czech Mint introduces another exceptional gem – an issue dedicated to the great patriot, designer and major railway builder Jan Perner on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth. The extraordinary personality of our national history certainly deserves the homage in the form of a gold half-ounce (Troy) medal, which will be a great addition to your collection and an attractive investment. Jan Perner was born on 7 September 1815 in Bratčice to a miller’s family. Despite his father’s desire, he did not love the craft and technology became his destiny. He graduated from the Czech technology school in Prague directed by František Josef Gerstner, the builder of the first horse-driven railway from České Budějovice to Linz. Gerstner’s son later directed the construction of a railway in Russia and Perner joined him following his studies, but he left St. Petersburg after disagreements with Gerstner and, having returned to his homeland in 1837, he worked at the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway. Following this and other successful projects, Perner was named the Chief State Railway Engineer in 1842 and he convinced Ferdinand I. that the railway from Prague to Dresden should be directed through the River Labe valley. Perner then faced another gargantuan task. Eventually, two celebratory trains from Olomouc arrived in Prague on the 20th of August 1845 and regular passenger service on the route started just a few days later, with regular cargo service following one month later. However, destiny did not allow the talented Perner to achieve more success, as he tragically died aged just 30 on the 9th of September of the same year as a result of an injury when returning from an inspection trip. As a result, our country lost an extremely talented person. Despite his short time on earth, his legacy is still relevant today and Czech Mint commemorates it in a highly sophisticated form of numbered half-ounce medals of pure gold in a limited edition of 99 units. The author is the Luboš Charvát, a medal designer extraordinaire. The composition on both sides of the medal is highly complex and captures the multitude of Jan Perner’s activities. The obverse side design is complemented by the CZECH REPUBLIC inscription and the reverse side contains a successful portrait, the years 1815 and 2015 and the name JAN PERNER. The medal masterfully tells the story of a tireless Czech technological pioneer and it is certain to take a place of honour in your sophisticated collection!
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