Medal detail Medal description
Coin code coin_number:30815-720
Value:1 pc
Coin type:silver
Group code:Medals
Material:Ag 999 / 1000
Diameter:28 mm
Thickness:0 mm
Weight:13 g
Edge:plain label
Circulation:500 ks
Minted:500 ks
Author:Jiří Dostál
Engraving adjustments:Unknown author
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History of motoring in Czech lands At the end of 1895, enthusiastic cyclists, mechanic Václav Laurin and bookseller Václav Klement, began manufacturing bicycles. The name of their firm was “Slavia“. After several years, the firm’s product range broadened – they added motorcycles which recorded success in several international races. And, after multiple tests, Laurin and Klement started manufacturing automobiles, as well. The first Laurin & Klement automobile originated in 1905: the type of voiturette “A“. Voiturette A was a car with water cooled 1005cm3 two-cylinder V-type 7 horsepower engine. The same as motorcycles, this motor vehicle brought a great business success to the brand; and over the years it became a symbol of Czech vintage cars. The obverse side of the medal depicts in detail Voiturette A, above it there is the Laurin & Klement logo and the year of the car‘s origin. On the reverse side we can see the text in circumscription "HISTORY OF MOTORING IN CZECH LANDS“ on a slightly convex rim to create the impression of a tyre. In the centre of the composition three “bars” represent a driving wheel, and the circles in the background symbolize rotation. The rights to trademarks have been used with the permission of ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Limited edition 500 pcs
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