Medal detail Medal description
Coin code coin_number:30071-810
Value:1 pc
Coin type:brass
Group code:Medals
Material:Ms 80 / 1000
Diameter:50 mm
Thickness:0 mm
Weight:0 g
Circulation:500 ks
Minted:500 ks
Author:ak. soch. Daniela Kartáková
Engraving adjustments:Unknown author
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Brass medal Vladislav Jagellonský standard Vladislav II Jagiellon (or Ladislaus Jagiellonian) was the oldest son of the Polish king Casimir IV and Elisabeth, daughter of Albert II of Habsburg and Elisabeth of Luxembourg, hence the nephew of Ladislaus the Posthumous of Bohemia. He was elected to the Czech throne in 1471 at the recommendation of George of Poděbrady. However, until 1490 he controlled only Bohemia out of the Czech lands, because Moravia, Silesia and Lusatia were ruled by Matthias I Corvinus who was proclaimed the Czech king already in 1469. Only after Matthias’ death in 1490 was Vladislav II elected as the Hungarian king and the Czech lands were reunited. Vladislav II is generally considered a week ruler because the power of nobility increased under his reign. He was nicknamed “King Bene“ (in Czech „král Dobře“) because of his standard reply to almost any request: "Bene". Thanks to the second culmination of silver mining in Kutná Hora he expanded the Royal Mint and funded the construction of monumental buildings, for example his temporary seat Italian Court, completion of St. Barbora Cathedral in the same town, and Vladislav’s Hall at the Prague Castle. Towards the end of his reign, rich silver deposits were found in Jáchymov in the Giant Mountains. He renewed the coinage of Czech ducats (after Wenceslav IV), but he was the first ruler to have St. Wenceslav featured on the coin as the Patron of Bohemia. The ducat dated 1511 is also the first Czech coin with a date.
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