Medal detail Medal description
Coin code coin_number:21604-750
Value:1 pc
Coin type:silver
Group code:Medals
Material:Ag 925 / 1000
Diameter:31 mm
Thickness:0 mm
Weight:13 g
Circulation:5200 ks
Minted:5200 ks
Author:Asamat Baltaev
Engraving adjustments:Unknown author
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At the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891, which was a showcase of various branches of the Czech industry, agriculture and social life, presented themselves over 8 thousand exhibitors. This spectacular event captivated the whole of Europe and its phenomenal success convinced the Czechs of their strength as well as the fact, that they can do without the supervision of surrounding nations. That is why the 125th anniversary of the General Land CentennialExhibition deserves its own commemorative silver coin with a nominal value of CZK 200 in quality standard. Out of the 29 submitted creative proposals has the Commission of the Czech National Bank selected an art work of a young medalist Asamat Baltaev. One of the czech commemorative coins from his workshop has already been issued - it carried the theme of reinforced concrete bridge in Karviná-Darkov - and other - dedicated to the Bezděz Castle - is waiting on the its issue. The exhibition was in the spirit of a modern technologies, to which are dedicated both sides of the coin. On the obverse side we can find our very first electric railway, funicular railway to Petřín as well as still unfinished Petřín Observation Tower. The reverse side is dedicated to a view on the Palace of Industry, the unique structure of glass and steel, through the entrance gate on the General Land CentennialExhibition.
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